4 responses to “Say it with chocolate”

  1. bodytreats

    Hi there! This is such an interesting post! I love chocolates too.
    I have written a post on chocolates. Do pop-by when you are free! 🙂


  2. Brittany Fischer

    i can’t wait to try out this place!

  3. hilarynangle

    Craverie–perfect name. And terrapins, how…green!


  4. Judy Kirkwood

    Kohler has an all chocolate event every year at The American Club. Also they just opened a new chocolate cafe called the Craverie. They sell “terrapins” instead of “turtles,” I and I think they’re better than the traditional turtle. I liked the chocolate and cranberry and the chocolate and pistachio terrapins.

    I-am-a-chocoholic, too. I spend a fortune on almonds at Trader Joe’s so I can always have a handful to eat with my dark chocolate bar. MotherWarrior

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