4 responses to “A new bistro in Rockland? Mais oui”

  1. Fine Dice

    These chefs can really cook! I’m so excited to visit them in their new home! You will not be dissappointed!

  2. hilarynangle

    Assuming you’re not one of their moms, or their PR guy, tell me more: Where did you dine, why did you like it? (And if you are mom or PR guy, go ahead and dish, but please ID yourself).


  3. Denis Boucher

    Both of these chefs can surely cook!
    I worked with both of them as Instructors at New England Culinary Institute. Chef Lynette was the chef of our “Fine Dining” restaurant, the Chef’s Table, and her food was great…I taught Service Management and ran the dining room at this location so I heard the compliments first hand.
    We miss her very much.
    Good luck and I can’t wait to come up and enjoy their food once again.

  4. hilarynangle

    You’re making me hungry, and I just finished the last piece of a tortierre from Pere Nature, in St. George de Beuce–French food done Quebec style. Mmmmmm.


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