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  2. Hilary Nangle

    Not at this point.


  3. Michael

    I believe that you have missed most of the fine dining in the Boothbay Region. The 4 month tourist season keeps the places edgy, and the staff vibrant and fun. The town is full of energy and the places continue to compete to see who’s cheifs are going the produce some of the best seafood served in the state.
    One of my favorites is the restaurant at the Tug Boat Inn. It has been one of the state’s better resturants for the last 30 years. Incredible views and service accompany the fine food.
    I have several friends that prefer the Boothbay Harbor Inn on the East Side. The food and the views rival anyplace that you might find in the Portland and southern coastal areas.
    For an inexpensive meal of exceptionally fresh seafood and a deckside meal, I like the former lobsterman’s co-op, now The Lobster Warf, just before you get to Brown Brothers.
    It’s true that many of the cheifs move around in some of the affilated resturants, like the Bistro and McSeaguls (which is just great), but we get enough new talent coming each summer, that much to your disallusion, keeps Boothbay Harbor a fine dining destination. (You’ve just got to expand your horizons, in East Boothbay, the dining destination for the past 35 years has been Lobsterman’s Resturant. At it’s Damarisctta River dockside location, it is a very tough place to be on a hot summer weekend.

    Try some of the local favorite’s places and you’ll get a better feel for what a special place Boothbay Harbor is.

  4. Hilary Nangle

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve visited all of the above, and I agree, the Boothbays are a lovely region, and there are a few bright spots for food, but I just don’t share your overall enthusiasm.

  5. Fred

    So what did you find wrong with the Blue Moon Cafe? Did you actually go?

  6. Hilary Nangle

    Of course I went, but that post was from June 2008, so I can’t remember the details at this point. It had been one of my favorite places in BBH, but I didn’t have a good meal, and when I asked around, locals reported similar experiences. I didn’t go this season, but I’ll give in another try next spring or summer.

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