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  1. Jackie Dishner

    Had a chance to hike Mt. Battie last week, Hilary. It was tough! More difficult than I would have thought, when at the trailhead it says simply that it’s a .5 mile long trail. I thought, “No big deal. It’s half a mile.” My goodness, it took some butt scooting, some hand-holding and a lot of tenacity to get up that hill. It was steep, steep, steep in some parts. But it was worth it. The views are spectacular. Going down was a lot easier for me, though I heard otherwise from climbers we met along the way.

    I’d do it again.

    I’ve posted a recommendation for your guidebook on my travel blog if you want to take a look; it’s in the comment section. Thanks for visiting me there:


    All my best,

  2. Hilary Nangle

    Yeah, that trail is a bit deceptive, isn’t it? Starts out nice and easy, and just when you think no sweat, it’s time to sweat and clamber over, around, and through the rocks.

    Thanks for the recommendation!


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