4 responses to “The List: Whistler’s Top 10 Must-Do Activities”

  1. Colorado Ski Vacations

    Yep, that’s a pretty thorough list of things to do up there. I’d definitely do all of them.

  2. Dolores Ribakoff

    On January 18, 2008 I was injured on the sno-limo. Once I was strapped into the contraption and the driver started our ride, within 60 seconds we were headed backward down-hill out-of-control. I suffered a number of injuries and experienced no communication from the Sno-limo owners during the time I was in Whistler. My medical bills were over $1,000, which is an out-of-pocket expense since we are not Canadian citizens. I wouldn’t expect the Canadians to pay my medical bills, but the people at Sno-limo avoided contacting me and were rude when we finally made contact. Our trip was ruined in that I could hardly move for the entire time I was in Whistler. The plane ride home was awful.
    It took me a full six months to heal. I don’t think this is a safe ride. I wouldn’t put my life in the hands of this company.

  3. Hilary Nangle

    What a horrible experience. Bad enough on its own, but during your vacation, ick.

    No activity is without risk, but the lack of concern on the part of the Sno-limo folks is just plain wrong.

    I hope you’ve healed, and moreover, I hope you haven’t lost your spirit of adventure. Best wishes, h.

  4. Canadian Tourism

    This video will get you excited to do the Zip Trekking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK91b_oC8II

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