3 responses to “Peak experience at Saddleback”

  1. Nancy Marshall

    Hilary, I enjoyed skiing with you at Saddleback. It was really cold but because the lifts there are surrounded by thick forests, it didn’t feel that cold going up. And of course, cold temps make great snow surfaces! I just loved cruising down those cordoroy covered black diamonds on Monday morning. With the 18 inch snowfall they received on Wednesday, it should be really good skiing tomorrow on John Christie Day!

  2. John Christie

    Hilary, will you be able to join us on the 31st? I’d love to take some runs with you. Thanks so much for the coverage of what should be a fun day for all concerned!

  3. Paul Caruso

    Shhhh, don’t give away Maine’s best secret. I’ve been skiing there the last 5 years, never a lift line and great snow. The glades are the best. This year (2008-2009) is ahead of last year and we still haven’t hit the heavy snow months for this mountain (Feb/Mar). It’s actually a benefit being near Sugarloaf (that’s an awesome mountain too but not when you can ski Saddleback for 1/2 the price and no lines) since most of the crowd heads there. Still a gem, they have a new director running the show this year, he formally ran Sugarloaf, I just hope we aren’t headed for $$$ lift ticket costs.


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