4 responses to “Blue Hill blues for Wescott Forge”

  1. Elliott Teel

    That place seems to get a new owner every couple years….

  2. Shannon

    This was such a great place when it was opened and operated by Chef Daniel, then it went downhill when he left after the first year. The food was so unique and much needed for the area. I’d heard about it and my husband and I drove 45 miles one way to to dine there a couple times a month.

    Yeah, it seems to have a new owner every couple or so years but you can thank the property owner for that. If he wasn’t so greedy, would mind his own business, and stop trying to run things he knows absolutely nothing about, the restaurant owners would stick around!

  3. Olivia

    I think that Shannon, who lives 45 minutes away, clearly did not know anything about the restaurant or how it operated. If so she would have known that the property owner passed away before she wrote the entry which says to me that she doesn’t understand the situation. Also, the owner of the building while it was the Wescott Forge was not the same owner during any of the other ventures in that building.

  4. Nicole

    Just an FYI, Chef Daniel is still working his magic and making fabulous food at the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor, MDI.
    The dining room has the best view on the island, full ocean and mountains!
    Pair that with amazing food and you’ve got a fabulous dinner out!
    Let’s hope that the Forge space has better karma for the next folks who give it a go!

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