3 responses to “Table disappoints”

  1. todd

    Interestingly, this reads like it was based on a single visit — Gael Greene would be aghast 🙂 Have you tried the menu downstairs? What’s it like? Have you had better service? They HAD been open only a week. When are you going back?

  2. Hilary Nangle

    Reread my post, and your questions will be answered. As for returning, I will next time I’m in the area. Don’t know when that will be though. Like I said, I know the potential is there and I hope it succeeds, but at the time, my experience paralleled others who had dined.

  3. todd

    I’ve since eaten there several times and LOVED. Sorry you had a bad experience. Hope you get back someday to enjoy as much as me & my guests did (on several occasions 😉

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