One response to “Portland snooze”

  1. Eric Riback

    I once planned a convention for which this hotel was headquarters, and they did an excellent job. We had a banquet there that was a lobster bake for 350 people which was executed perfectly. And as you say, the location was fantastic. Our trade show was at the Civic Center and we did events at the Art Museum and Brian Boru. Everything was easily walkable. I got to stay in the presidential suite with that wonderful view. One amusing thing: Some friends and I have a tradition of in-room breakfasts with Eggs Benedict. I didn’t find it on the room service menu, but I knew they served it in the restaurant, so I called room service and asked about it. Well, they said, the timing is so critical that it’s difficult to deliver upstairs and they would have to charge an extra dollar if they did. That is so Maine. They did, we paid the extra dollar per plate, and it was just fine.

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