One response to “Preserving Maine’s coastal lands”

  1. bip

    Look, I’m familiar with the property and from a conservationist’s perspective, I think its great to see this property stay undeveloped.

    Let’s talk about some practical matters, however. Let us not lose sight that this ENTIRE property lies within Biddeford proper, and NOT Kennebunkport. While it seems that most of this support comes from the Kennebunkport side of the Little River, it is the City of Biddeford that will be affected. First off, the neighbors on granite point road will not appreciate the deluge of tourists who will now flock to this area and park on the narrow streets in front of their house.

    And let’s not forget how Biddeford will be a big loser on the tax coffers when this property goes public. I have a hard time dealing with the fact that Kennebunkport residents get to enjoy property at the Biddeford taxpayer’s expense.

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