5 responses to “Missing Ocean Wood? Consider these”

  1. Kristin

    Thanks, Hilary!
    It’s going to be a while till we pitch our tent again, but we can dream, and this list is so good to know about. I’ve got it printed out and ready for our next get-away. Thank you!

  2. Jim Counihan


    Just called my best friend in Conneticut to tell him the news…an effort is underway to SAVE Oceanwood.

    His family and mine have been camping there almost since the Bruntons opened it. Our kids have grown up with wonderful memories of the place — as do we adults.

    Thanks for the info on other camping experiences, but let’s all do whatever is in our power to save this incredible part of Maine.

    Best to all fellow Ocean Wood “alums.”

  3. Kirsten

    Thank you for these suggestions. I feel so grateful to have ever experienced Ocean Wood. It breaks my heart that it is closed.

  4. Patrick Hurley

    Thanks for the info about camping ! Look forward to hearing about Oceanside in Gouldsboro!

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