3 responses to “Grazing through Portland: Evangeline”

  1. erik

    Hi Hilary! Thank you so much for coming in. Next time introduce yourself! Just FYI, Krista has been taking mondays off to rest these days. We are about 4 weeks away from our due date!
    I’m just glad that you assumed the pear crumble was hers. I must have done something right with it!

  2. Hilary Nangle

    Krista has taught you well! Next time, maybe I will introduce myself. The first time I visit a place, I strive to remain anon. Somehow, once someone knows I’m a travel writer, little extras start appearing and the service begins to border on fawning–grin. For an article, I’d love to chat with you tomorrow. I’ll call early/mid afternoon, but shoot me an email if there’s a good time.

  3. erik

    You can call any time after 3PM. Thanks! You have my email address if you need to contact me.

  4. Maine Travel Maven | Evangeline is no more…

    […] at least for now. Erik Desjarais’ popular French restaurant, Evangeline, has closed its doors. Desjarlais has opted to be a full-time stay-at-home dad with his infant […]

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