3 responses to “White Barn Inn now managing Acadia’s Asticou”

  1. Michele Stapleton

    The Asticou Inn has always been one of my favorite spots for shooting weddings. (Could it be because the very first wedding I shot after throwing out my shingle as a wedding photographer was there?)

    Nevertheless, it’s a quiet, more genteel alternative to the crazy mess that Bar Harbor can be it the high season. A real treat for the folks who get out and explore the other, equally charming towns of Mount Desert Island.

    I look forward to seeing what US Hotels does with the property and hope that I get to shoot many more weddings there.

  2. Henk La Brie


    As a former journalist and journalism professor (Boston University), it pains me to see inaccuracies in the media. It is a trend that appears to be worsening. The White Barn Inn is – physically and spiritually – in KENNEBUNK, Maine. It has always been there, since it was founded by Jack Nahil, many years ago. In their ads and in countless reviews, they are listed as being in Kennebunkport. If they so much want to be in the ‘Port, why don’t they move there? It is sad that the White Barn Inn is not proud and at peace with their location in Kennebunk, Maine, a wonderful and beautiful southern Maine community.

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