4 responses to “Ethnic grazing through Brunswick”

  1. Cheri Butts Hudson

    You missed the homemade icecreams, rosemary, mint and coffee…you must go back for dinner!

  2. Sandra P. Broderick Puzzo

    Wow!! Can’t wait to come and try one of each! If we don’t make reservations and you’re full when we come, will you make room for us?
    When we know we’re all coming we’ll make reservations. Until we see you…have a great adventure and don’t burn the ice cream.
    Tony, Sandy, Sara & Jason

  3. Sue Kmon

    CONGRATULATIONS YUM:)YUM:)YUM :)… Everything sounds delicious….Can’t wait to try it all…Best wishes… Hope you have a prosperous first year and many more…Are there any job openings?…
    Love, Aunt Sue

  4. Mike

    Brunswick does have some great ethnic food options…it’s one thing I do miss living here in the otherwise great food scene of Rockland. Especially Indian food. Went to Shere Punjab on Maine St a few weeks ago and loved it.

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