4 responses to “Foliage without crowds: Maine’s Schoodic region delivers big time”

  1. John M.

    Well, we’re here on MDI planning to try this very thing. Seems like a lot to do on one day! We were going to split in two…

  2. J. Klompus

    I was up in the Bar harbor area and someone actually told me about some pizza place out in franklin that everyone raves about. It was called Maple Knoll pizza. I decided to take a ride out there and I was pleasntly surprised of how incredible the pizza and calzones where. Not sure if you were aware but they just got online. Buzzy the owner gave me a menu and his url: http://www.mapleknollspecialties.com

    I even picked up some of this stuff he makes called Relsa. it’s not relish…it’s not salsa but it’s like a teasing taste of both and it’s incredible. Anyways, if you are in the area…definitely stop by the place. It was worth the drive.

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