2 responses to “Fall foliage without the crowds: Head to Bath and Brunswick in midcoast Maine”

  1. Frank Heller

    We’ve lived in Brunswick for 32 years; I opened Maine’s first whole grain bakery and had celebrities and a fan in Sam Hayward, then chef at 22 Lincoln.

    The food and B&B scene is lively, but the winter is such a killer of fine dining…we did Cafe Athena and were impressed—-small bistro, limited menu, so every dish is personal and well plated. Had a zesty pumpkin soup there last Friday.

    Many choices in the area….if your writing for tourists, I’d suggest Sebasco Resort’s outdoor dining with what I’d consider themost spectacular water view seating in Maine–try sunset….We eat the Haddock sandwich w/ ceasar salad and an Allegash White….real Mainers only drink microbrews …wink, wink. Another local place is the Dolphin in S. Harpswell….food rates between a C and a B; but the setting is memorable.

    Friends like Clementines; Bistro-Bistro in Bath is way overrated and snooty; the new pizza carryout at 111 Maine has a sort of chewy, oily crust pizza…rather good; but still prefer Siano’s whose salads are tops!

    You can eat at Bowdoin College…this isn’t your ordinary campus food service, but judged the BEST in the U.S….expensive but exceptional!

    The pub at Harraseeket Inn has just the right atmosphere and degree of organic ingredients to draw us back; as does SIANO’s pizzeria in Freeport for summer sidealk dining.

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