4 responses to “Some thoughts on Sugarloaf’s lift incident”

  1. Mickey

    You demonstrate calm in a (snow) storm. Great, sensible article and wonderful that there were no serious injuries.

  2. Jackie Dishner

    Glad to see you’re on this one, Hilary. You know there would be questions, and it’s good to see you addressing the issue before it gets out of hand. Too bad about the rumors. Injuries appear to be minimal, thank goodness. Scary, though.

  3. Denise Dube

    Good job Hilary. Yes, this is the slowest news week. If we didn’t have that blizzard we’d have nothing. This “incident” would have gone with a mere mention if the reporter weren’t on the scene – or on the lift.

    I used this in my column to support how non news this week actually is. I am a little perturbed that it would snowball into a “bodies all over the loaf” situation. Glad you’re on this.

  4. Dave Muessel

    It would seem to me that Sugarloaf will probably be the safest place to ride a lift for the rest of the season. I am sure all the lifts have been double and triple triple checked since, both by resort staff and state inspectors. Obviously the accident is out of the norm and Sugarloaf mgmt will spare no effort to insure it won’t happen again this season. Or subsequent seasons.

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