8 responses to “Big whoopie-ta-do in Maine: Should whoopie pie be the state dessert?”

  1. Barbara

    What? Displace the noble blueberry pie with a sandwich made of chocolate cake and Crisco frosting. Blueberry-rakers of the state, unite! Make sure that all those blue teeth have not been dyed in vain!

  2. Shirley Moskow

    I’m a chocoholic. Nevertheless, when it comes to blueberry pie, especially if it ‘s topped with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream, there’s no contest.

    The problem with the whoopie pie is the filling, which overwhelms the chocolate.

    Sorry, Hillary.

  3. Tim

    I prefer the noble blueberry, though the Meyer lemon infused olive oil whoopie pie from Fiore Olive Oil Co. in Rockport comes close to changing my mind.


  4. Fran Folsom

    When you think of Maine you think blueberry pie….not whoopie pie. Chrisco frosting is a great description but lard is a better one. The town of Machais would fall into Penobscot Bay without their annual wild blueberry festival. Thumbs down to the whoopie pie.

  5. Linda Fasteson

    Whoopies shouldn’t even qualify as a pie. When I think of Maine it’s blueberries –and the jams, syrups and, best of all, pies created from them.

    The Whoopie pie belongs with Shoofly pie—an Amish treat.

  6. Margie Goldsmith

    I think that it’s time Mainers let down their hair and show their wonderful sense of humor. ANYONE can have blueberry pie (booo-rrrring) but most folks don’t even know what Whoopie Pie is. And “Making Whoopies” implies that Mainers aren’t even prudes. I say, GO FOR IT! Whoop it up with Whoopies!

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  8. Lisa @ www.bakedinmaine.com

    Hi there! I say why not combine the best of both worlds.
    A blueberry Whoopie Pie!

    Besides, “Wicked Whoopies” of Gardiner has already made the Maine Whoopie famous on Oprah. I say go with it already!


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