5 responses to “The Maine Travel Maven shares her Best of Maine picks for Yankee Mag on 207”

  1. Mike

    Pretty good list! You’ll always set yourself up for the critics and cynics when you do these “best of” lists.

    Though I did see the St Jean Valley rear it’s ugly head again. =) If you want to pay homage to the french heritage, it would be “Valle St-Jean”, not St Jean Valley…that’s a mishmash that doesn’t exist. Sorry…I need to let it go I know…..

  2. Mike

    On the comfort food front, if we as Mainers could ever come to terms with having “ethnic” food as a comfort food, Long Grain in Camden might be worth a look next time around. I can’t get enough of that place…

  3. Mike

    Not yet…just waiting for some sun so I can sit on that deck. I hear that the sun may come out for a few hours sometime in August…

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