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  1. joel deckler


    Having stayed there a number of times, I recommend the Colliier B&B in Town Hill. The rooms are clean and comfy, the[sit down] breakfasts are scrumptious and the owner, George and his staff are helpful and accomodating. George is a wealth of local info.

    Joel Deckler

  2. joel deckler

    a sad follow-up to my aug. 2 comment . i subsequently learned that George died after a short bout with cancer. i believe his wife and staff are continuing to run the b&b.

  3. Ira Rhodes

    My Wife and I just got back from a wonderful Maine vacation, which was centered, entirely around your Blog. Your Cheap Sleeps lodging recommendations were affordable and charming to say the least but were also clean quite with many that had views that could command twice the price. My wife thought I was an accommodations genius, each place we stayed in got better and better. The views the rooms had made for one of the most memorable trips we’ve taken. Our trip started out in Bar Harbor then we quickly retreated to the quieter side. We stayed in the Lighthouse Inn in Seal Harbor, the Harbor View Motel in Southwest Harbor, Boyce’s Motel in Stonington, and Main Stay Cottages in Winter Harbor. Your website was like finding a gem in the rough. Thanks

  4. Lisa

    We just took a short trip up to Maine from PA and stayed in the little cottages at Sunset Motor Court based on your say-so. Wow! You described it perfectly! It was still spotlessly clean, and smelled wonderful. We were there during the Gov’t shut-down but still had a blast. Thanks for making our vacation do-able with low-priced recommendations.

  5. Louise Bodenheimer

    We stayed in Albee’s Shore Cottages a number of years ago and WE LOVED IT!! It fit our budget and accepted our dog. We have dreamed of coming back and renting one of the larger cabins as well, but the small one we were in was very special, clean, and a call-back to return!! Highly recommend!

  6. Kimmi

    Hi Hillary,
    Love your website. Any suggestion on bigger cottage that can holds up to 8 people that you can recommend us up in Bar Harbor?


  7. Sarah Douglas

    Hi. I was curious if the Park Entrance Hotel in Bar Harbor was still up and running. We stayed there a few years ago and liked it…Now it seems I can’t find anything listed recently about it. Thankyou

  8. ms. Marty Zarbaugh

    Thank you so much for sharing information of places to stay in the Acadia and bar harbour area. Do you have other information in places close to Rye Harbor and near White mountain. We will be visiting NH and ME Sept. 18th to 24th. We will stay 2 ngts. in to Rye Harbor, Bar Harour, and the White Mountain park. Even some of the 2 star are not cheap. We are looking for a good food, clean place to sleep, and sight seeing.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my message

  9. marlene carras

    Hello Hilary,

    I am looking for a very inexpensive sleeping room for the school year. I already pay rent in lBangor and a mortgage in Eastport. Please advise. I can afford 400 a month tops. No utilities. thank you

  10. Lisa

    Hi Hillary,
    Do you know if Albee’s Cottages are open year round?


  11. Sue Scarff

    We are planning a first time ever trip to Maine in late Sept. 2 weeks driving from Portland with focus on walking in Arcadia. After 3 nights in Stonington, we want to stay few nights in self catering place – where would you recommend in either Bar Harbour or Southwest at that time of year (c21st Sept)? Want to avoid crowds but close walking distance to restaurants, with nice water views. Close to Explorer bus stop would also be a plus. Budget price not essential, views are!

  12. Gwen

    We are visiting Acadia/Bar Harbor in May. Do you know if any place to stay with rocky waterfront or easy access to cliffs? We are rock climbers looking for easy access. Thank you in advance.

  13. Gwen

    OR beach access?? Thank you again!!

  14. none

    How do you have an article like this without giving the cost for the rooms?

  15. Jason

    My wife and I were blessed to be able to spend a week on MDI a couple years ago during the fall. Totally fell in love. (Even with the shutdown) But the cabin we stayed at was just for two. Now we want to return with our children so they can experience the magic of Acadia with us. Two adults, two kids. Something affordable and clean. Fancy isn’t in our vocabulary. Rustic economy is more our speed. Late September/early October. Doesn’t have to be on the island. Anywhere in the area is fine. And the wife would absolutely LOVE any view of the ocean at all. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. Can’t wait to go back.

  16. David

    Thanks so much for the great info. The link to the Mainstay is broken. Phones on their website go no where or don’t answer. Do you know if they are still in business?

  17. Charlie

    Great article with effective feedback. Here is my spiel… We are getting married in Sept 2015 (after out 15 year 5 children raising courtship). We are not fancy but very interested in sightseeing, staying in a quiet picturesque cottage/cabin to watch sunsets over the ocean near bar harbor. Clean accommodations best but modern is not necessary, rustic is lovely. We like to relax and grill after an exciting day and take in the scenery. Looking through your list is quite helpful, but unsure about the southeast side location…. Is this near everything (ex: Arcadia NP, MDI) but not the touristy side? Suggestions for the honeymooners? Not really looking for cheapest or fanciest as much as something that fits us.

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