4 responses to “Fez, Portland’s new Somalian-Moroccan Restaurant dishes out authentic flavors”

  1. Mister Meatball

    Funny. I too was on my way to Silly’s, for a falafel, but decided to have one at Fez instead. Freshly made — with real mashed up chickpeas!

    Long story short, I won’t be eating falafel anywhere else in this town.

  2. George Fowler

    Nice review, Hilary. We’ve eaten at Fez twice and have been very pleased with our meals both times. On our first visit in late June, Abraham was doing the cooking. He suggested we try his lentil stew, with two side salads, one of beets & another of tomato and onion. Everything was freshly prepared and delicious. A large platter of basmati rice also appeared, compliments of the proprietor. Our second visit was yesterday, and Hinda was doing the cooking. We each had the tilapia special and it was absolutely delicious, prepared upon our order and again served with plenty of delicious rice. After our meal, Hinda showed us the patio dining area and we also chatted with her son who is a biochem major at the University of Maine. We too love all the ethnic diversity of the small restaurants (and markets) strung along Washington Ave. Fez is a great addition to this emerging Portland dining area.

  3. Mary

    Does fez serve alcohol?

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