3 responses to “Save money by skiing & snowboarding at Maine’s family-sized alpine areas”

  1. Marti Mayne

    Great story, Hilary, but I wanted to add a shout out about my favorite small mountain not mentioned here – Big Rock. Yes, it’s a trek up to “The County” to ski there, but I found our day at Big Rock was one of the best days of skiing I had last year! We skied from early morning until noon and felt like we had the whole mountain to ourselves. It’s like skiing at your own ski club, and everyone there was so incredibly friendly. In the afternoon we participated in free family games and races. It’s a great family mountain!!!

    Love the rest that you have outlined here too, all a little closer to those living in Southern Maine.

  2. B.

    The picture on page 4 on the far right is not of Lady Slippers. It is of one of Maine’s Northern Pitcher plants.
    Love your site. Am homesick for Maine. I live in the flatlands of the mid US.
    Keep posting! B.

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