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  1. Ployes, creton, and chicken stew | Maine Travel Maven

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  2. Annie

    Eager to try this pot en pot recipe! Thank you!

  3. Janice Bouchard

    Just wanted to clarify something, the ploye mix is not gluten free, just the straight buckwheat flour. Ployes are mixed with wheat flour just wanted you to know.

  4. Shawn Maddocks

    I grew up in Van Buren, Maine along the St John Valley River. My father used to make a ” salted” onions in a large mason jar. I believe the French name was ” Daisy-shallot” accent on shallot. in any case I can’t remember how he made it but I think he would take the shallot ( pearl) onion bulb and place in a large mason jar and added kosher salt ( absolutely no water) and maybe pickling salt??? Anyway has anyone heard of this and what is the recipe. I am embarrassed to say I did not write his recipe down. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. James Beaupre

    Shawn, your are speaking not of herbs salees, but of Eschalots. You father would have called them “Des Eschalots” which sort of sounds like “daisy shallots.” They are a variety of young french shallot that was brought over by Acadians. They are traditionally planted in the late summer to fall, over wintered an harvested in the spring (usually late May and June). The green tops are set a side and can be used to make salted herbs, but the eschalots (white bulbs) are cut from the root, peeled, cleaned in cool water bath and pickled in a salt brine (usually in a jar of some type). To make them I pack a jar full of eschalots, add 2 heaping table spoons of non-iodized salt, and fill the jar with water. They usually are “ready” within 2-3 days. Properly salted they can last up to a few months, but usually are eaten much quicker. Note they are planted from a bulb as they do not go to seed, so hope you have good family connections for the right seed bulbs!

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