9 responses to “Lily Bistro, in Rockland, Maine, has closed (sniffle, sniffle)”

  1. Fran Folsom

    That is so sad, I loved Lily Bistro. I was looking forward to going there in January when I’m in Rockland for the Pies on Parade. Sob, sob, sob!

  2. Mike

    Lily was our “go to” spot…the kind of place you could visit regularly and get really good food at a really good price (the closest to a “bistro” that you could get in these parts). I feel like I’ve had a death in the family.

  3. Lynne

    The closing of Lily Bistro is devastating not only to the community and to Bob and Lynette, but to our summer visitors who flocked there for family gatherings and first rate bistro food. The closing is reflective of how little Rockland city government did to prepare its citizens and retailers for the Big Dig. It was clear from the day it started that no thought had been given to wayfinding, public relations, or communications. The merchants of Main Street have all suffered irreparably from a lack of due diligence and planning on the part of the elected and appointed officials at City Hall. Its unforgivable that a popular and fine restaurant should be allowed to close because of the cold-hearted indifference of a bank that refused to make compromises so that this restaurant could stay in business. This is “Its a Wonderful Life” without the happy ending. I am in deep mourning for the lose of the restaurant and feel pain for Robert and Lynette (and their little boy) who put their heart and soul into building their business. My big fear is that they will not be the first to be closing their doors on Main Street in Rockland.

  4. Bonnie

    I am sad and angry that this wonderful restaurant has had to close its doors because of poor city planning and the unwillingness of the Camden National Bank bank to try to renegotiate the loan. Lily Bistro was a destination spot for many in the mid-coast area. What a loss for the community! What a loss for all of us who loved and supported the Bistro. I have no doubt that other businesses on Main Street are holding on by a thread after years of economic downturn, the “Big Dig” and its attendant chaos, and “community” banks that refuse to work with small businesses. Lynette and Bob don’t deserve this Rockland ending, but I know that they will survive and thrive elsewhere. Rockland’s loss is Boston’s gain.

  5. Brenda Thomas

    Sad, indeed. My husband and I enjoyed this restaurant very much! Our guests on the Isaac H. Evans often came back from dinner on boarding night talking about how wonderful it was as well. Rockland’s loss, definitely.


  6. Susan Larsen

    We had a wonderful Christmas lunch at Lily Bistro and vowed to
    come again and again. What a terrible shame that this talented
    and devoted couple finds themselves in financial peril. No more
    dealings with Camden National. Bah. . . . Humbug.

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  8. Martha Collins

    Lily Bistro was an amazing restaurant. CNB is evidence that organized crime is alive and thriving. City of Rockland is just ignorant. So sorry for all our losses

  9. Gordon

    My wife and I loved eating at Lily’s whenever we came to Rockland.

  10. Martha Wertz

    We loved Lily Bistro. Went there often in summer 2011 and looked forward to returning in 2012. I am devastated. It was a wonderful restaurant with a great feel. How could the Camden Bank be so shortsighted and unfeeling.

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