8 responses to “For a topnotch fare, find The Lost Kitchen, in Belfast, Maine”

  1. nancy

    Am afraid the Lost Kitchen is suffering growing pains.Tried it last night with great expectations. Grilled cheese appetizer was over cooked–hard and stringy. “Irish Organic Trout” was not rainbow trout as described but farmed Steelhead Trout (a salmon look alike) Dessert with way too many ingredients that did not work well. The view 5 feet from the table included a bar guest with serious “plumber’s crack” (which we asked the server to attend to–and she didn’t)..They took down my post to this effect on their Facebook page this morning–and blocked me….hmmmm

  2. Mike

    Hey Maven, I’m hearing rumors that they’ve closed for good. Do you have any scoop??

  3. Mike

    Thanks Hilary…trying to separate fact from fiction here!!

  4. Mike

    Any update here? I’m starting to get nervous!

  5. Mike

    Phew indeed!

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