8 responses to “New book captures Maine in cartoons”

  1. Jeff P


    Thanks so much for this wonderful review! It just came to my attention. I truly appreciate it!

    All best,
    Jeff Pert

  2. Robert

    Hi Hilary, I will be visiting Maine two weeks from now and have been thinking of giving gifts from Maine. This collection of cartoons has piqued my curiosity. I don’t want to buy it from Amazon. Will I be able to find it in Bar Harbor? Thanks.

  3. Robert

    Ok, thanks, Hilary. Can’t wait to visit Acadia NP. Do you have any recommendation for gifts that aren’t too ‘touristy’? I’d love to support local crafts and products as long as they’re not too weighty when sent through USPS.

  4. Robert

    Hi Hilary, thanks. A friend and I will be staying in Southwest Harbor (from your recommendation on budget lodgings) and will be sure to first visit Flying Mountain Artisans. Thank you for the great work and the recommendations.

    PS. Yes, Sherman’s in Bar Harbor does have Jeff Pert’s “Cartoons from Maine.”

  5. Robert


    I had a great and unforgettable time in Maine! I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful recommendation on Harborview Motel in quiet Southwest Harbor. Sadly, I was not able to visit The Flying Mountain Artisans during my visit there. Eventhough it was actually only a few minutes away from Harborview, whenever my friend and I passed by the place, it was either too early in the morning or already closed for the evening.

    I would really love to visit Maine again, and if chance permits or whenever it takes, will make a repeat itinerary to Acadia Nat’l Park, as well as The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden, and Bar Harbor. (Btw, The AARG is just fantastic!) Next time, I’ll try to make the trip longer. As a hobby photographer, I just wasn’t able to get enough of Acadia’s beauty with the limited time that I was there.

    …… or perhaps, I was simply overwhelmed.

    The best thing I like about Bar Harbor is the conspicuous lack of malls, MacDs, BKs, Starbucks, etc.. Yes, it is touristy, but still what a welcome change! There was, I believe, only one Subway in town. My travel companion said it was probably there because they order the local vegetables. Which makes sense. How great it would be if people support local stores, and locally-made and home-grown products. The plethora of Made-in-China souvenirs was actually very saddening.

    Thank you again, Hilary, for all your great recommendations. Keep up this good work. It is a great service to all of us.

    Warm regards,

    PS. *Curiously, I wasn’t able to get ahold of any Fox Family Potato Chips in any of the stores we visited. No-one seems to carry it in their stores. I could be wrong, tho.

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