8 responses to “3 reasons to visit sleepy Corea, a village near Acadia National Park’s Schoodic section”

  1. Barry

    obviously you didn’t explore all of Corea. A little further down is the Black Duck B&B, in business now for over 20 years.

  2. Michele Stapleton

    Most photographers who have discovered Corea, speak of it lovingly. In hushed, reverent tones.

    I spent a week there one summer, rented an entire house built right ON the water (yes, I stepped out of the back door onto a deck on the water) for $600. What a deal!

    Spent the whole week mostly exploring on foot and taking photos. There is also a little island offshore that is accessible at low tide.

    If you visit my blog at http://www.michelestapleton.com/blog/ one of the photos in the rotation of masthead photos is of the Corea harbor. So picturesque.

  3. TJ Lucero

    Corea Cottages is also another wonderful place to stay! All three houses are right on the water, family owned and operated for three generations.

  4. Terrance Briggs

    Good old Corea, Maine…..that’s where my family’s from….Dad was a lobsterfisherman…since passed…We grew up learning the trade (I have a younger bro and sis)…..I hated everything about it and Corea and could’nt wait to get out……just sayin’….live in Boston and love the cape….I guess what makes it so apealling for other folks, is it’s cut-off from the rest of the world…..so, enjoy….just glad I don’t have to live there!!!!t

  5. karen

    Hello, enjoyed your site.
    We will fly up from VA to Boston on Sunday, and drive up to Corea to spend 4 nights before driving up to St. John, New Brunswick.
    We love nature, and beautiful scenery. Of course, we will have a car. Because of my knees, we do not do too much hiking.
    What would your suggest as must do’s for our trip?
    Really looking forward to getting there.

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