3 responses to “Tool geeks, fixer-uppers, and artisans, meet your happy place: Liberty Tool”

  1. Tim Rogers

    I LOVE THIS PIECE and I want to go there, now! It sounds sort of like and expanded version of an old New Englanders’ workshop, with a toll for all purposes and just the gadget you need to make a….or fix a ….. This is a got to go.

  2. Tim Rogers

    Sorry, forgot to check the spelling. “sort of like an…” and “with a tool…”

  3. Marcia Smith

    My husband LOVES this place! It’s his favorite place to take the male guests who visit! But by far he loves to take our grandsons. This year the oldest bought a wooden mechanical ruler! He said when he got home “Mimi – I’m a measuring freak” Sooo cute!

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