10 responses to “Portland to Boston: Bus or train?”

  1. Train Games

    As a train fan I would have always chosen a train no matter what. The fact that you can stand up and walk around and not being glued to the seat is the crucial difference!

  2. Stillman Rogers

    The problem that I have is getting from southwest NH to Portland to get the train or bus. Seems that NH does not believe in public transportation. Monorail from Brattleboro Vt, through Keene to Concord or manchester to Portsmouth anyone?

  3. Jayne Ashworth

    I recently took the bus from Bangor to Portland and then Portland to Boston. Great trip! Reasonably priced. Am going to use this option again in the future.

  4. Jenifer Lewis

    “I wish the train ran more frequently, because I would take it more often.”

    Me too, also. So often the train is one’s first choice, and then a look at the schedule rules it right out. Just one more northbound train between 5 pm and 11:20 pm would make all the difference!

  5. Martha

    I need to takea bus or train to Logan but am traveling with dog in carrier. Bus will not allow. Why? Any suggestions ?

  6. Patty

    They need one more later train out of North Station to Portland, ME for those who want to go to concerts, sports, etc.. at TD Garden… They just get out too late to get to the train :(

  7. Alex-Wanderlust Marriage

    Thanks for this breakdown! We’re new to Boston and looking forward to our first trip to Portland soon!

  8. Celia Barron

    Emailing from England. Planning New England trip for Sept/Oct. Will be hiring car most of time but thought might use bus or train from Boston to Portland before we head for hills. Which is better to see coastal scenery (if either) or do you recommend we hire the car in Boston?

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