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  1. Dave Colclough

    Any suggestions for mailing lobsters? My favorite, 3 sons, is closed.

    Keep up the great writing.

  2. PS

    We are heading to Boothbay Harbor the end of August and are looking for off the beaten path places to eat, visit, see. Do you have some suggestions for us? We will be heading to both Rockland and Portland for dinner at our favorite spots but are unfamiliar with the not so touristy spots in the vicinity. Thank you in advance for any suggestions

  3. Lisa Kunes

    My husband and I are flying into Portland Maine (our first visit) on Sept 15.
    We are only in town for 3 days and we want to enjoy eating lobster and seafood and to see as much as Portland and surrounding areas as possible. Where would you recommend we eat lunch/dinner (we will have a rental car) and if you can think of anything as a “must do or see” in the three days we will be visiting, what are some of your favorite places? We love the outdoors, we’re willing to drive a couple of hours and we’re very excited about our upcoming trip!!

  4. Melissa

    My husband and I are flying into Bangor and know we want to go to Bar Harbor. He wants to eat lots of lobster! Any suggestions for stops or other directions in 5 days?!

  5. Deb Wallace

    I am a teacher from SC and Maine is a MUST SEE state for me. I’ve loved reading your posts and saved your 10 day itinerary from an article. This article eventually was helpful in getting me to this blog.. If I visit in June or July, what am I missing as compared to September or October? I am trying to plan whether to come when I’m off work and stay longer or take some days and visit in September/October..

  6. rob

    Hillary: thanks for all the great information-I want to visit Maine and eat my fill of lobster and steamers(maybe a few fried clams too) and your site is so helpful. I was hoping to find inexpensive lodging for my wife and I plus some “off the beaten path” lobster shacks with views of lobster boats, fisherman, etc! thanks again! Rob

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