9 responses to “Report from Down East: What’s new, changed, closed”

  1. deb vendetti

    Hi Hilary,
    Love your blog!

  2. Lucia Vaughn

    So sorry you didn’t get by Lucia’s Dooryahd Drive-In at 56 Washington St. Just 2 weeks old now. I hope to meet you next year

  3. Marcia Hayward

    We would love to have you visit Calais during our International Festival. We have events scheduled throughout the entire week and it is a wonderful time to visit. This year we specifically are focusing on our magnificent Riverfront Walkway. This is the old rail bed turned into a scenic trial enjoyed by the locals. Our riverfront faces downtown St. Stephen, NB Canada and every summer for now 40 years, we celebrate the bonds we share as an International Community. Bring the kids, there will be something for everyone! visit: internationalhomecomingfestival.com

  4. Sharon Mack

    Too bad you didn’t stop in Machias – the county seat – which has 11 places to eat, fantastic inns and motels, amazing historic locations such as the Burnham Tavern (which predates the Revolutionary War) and the Civil War-era courthouse, breathtaking Bad Little Falls, Downeast Sunrise Trail, Two Rivers and the supposed location of Blackbeard the Pirate’s buried treasure, and other sites too numerous to mention. Stop in next time you are coming through!

  5. Nancy Asante

    Pleasure to talk to you, Hilary. You’re right: Eastport hums all year long. Its thriving cultural life doesn’t hibernate, and the community is totally supportive and enthusiastic.

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