4 responses to “Craving fresh, Maine-made ice cream? Here’s where to find it statewide”

  1. Martha

    My Mother, who sadly passed away in 2013, was born and raised in Maine but moved to Florida during her later school years. During my childhood we often vacationed in Maine and during the last years of her life she and I would visit Maine every fall. A must do for every single trip was a drive to Bradley’s for Spencer’s ice cream. Her very favorite was the orange pineapple – sometimes she would force two cones knowing she would not have the chance for another until the next year. My husband and I still make the trip to Maine from our home in Florida often and we still drive to Bradleys for the best ice cream in the country. Thank you for your article -we will visit some of the other favorite ice cream shops you have listed.

  2. Cecile Bizet

    Gelato Rose in Rockland Maine makes gelato daily right on main st!

  3. Teresa Andreoli

    Hilary Nangle, thank you for this compilation.

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