8 responses to “Top 10: The best of Rockland, Maine”

  1. Bailey Marie

    What about Bricks Restaurant?? We were in Rockland last summer and the pizza was AWESOME! It became our favorite place to eat. They also had a $5 lunch deal that included our drink! Great view and service. I’d like to see it included in more of these articles!!!

  2. Mike

    Excellent top 10 Hilary, really spot on! Any chance this gets picked up by a bigger outlet like the Boston Globe (like many of your other articles)?

    My only addition to this list would be the best breakfast spot and one of the best lunch spots in town – Home Kitchen Cafe.

  3. Barbara Hilburn

    We will arrive on Oceania’s Regatta on Oct 9, 2013. We have one
    day in Rockland. We would like to explore the city & the Farnsworth
    Museum. We also want to go to Camden. Is it possible for us to do all this on our own with public transportation or do we need a ship excursion?


  4. Daniel Bennett

    Good list. There are a few more options now for sailing Rockland’s huge protected active working harbor and out into beautiful Penobscot Bay, past lighthouses, etc. I offer affordable custom trips on a 32′ wooden gaff sloop, and I have the other local options listed (and linked) on my site, including the boat you list and two others. I do as short as a one hour loop of the harbor or a trip over to the breakwater lighthouse and back, and as long as all day trips out to islands for lobsterbakes and so on. Rockland is great, lived here thirteen years now. I think it is a better harbor for sailing than Camden as it is bigger with more protection and more to see and do close by it.

  5. Daniel Bennett

    Ps. Several of the other boats in Rockland offering day trips started in 2011 and 2012, which may be how they slipped by your article. This was my second year running. More info on http://www.sailrockland.com.

  6. Mike Gallo

    Berry Manor Inn…..the best B&B I have ever been to. Do yourself a favor and stay there.

  7. Peggy

    What about ‘Pearl’s’ wonderful views and seafood! Right there in Tockland’s harbor. We always go at least twice!

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