Bohemian Mama’s Bakery is a delicious find


Ben Walter, co-owner of Oceanside Meadows, a lovely inn in Prospect Harbor, just called me with a tip: Bohemian Mama’s Bakery. “The croissants are so good, you’ll ask yourself: Am I really in America?”

That coming from the well-traveled Ben got my attention.  Tell me more, I replied. Here’s the scoop, along with photos Ben took on his iPhone.

Bohemian Mama’s Bakery had its roots in Milbridge, but moved to Addison late last summer. It’s  hidden gem, tucked one mile off Route 1 on Ridge Road. Inside, Linda Clouser, her daughter Desiree and son Adrian, bake exquisite breads (whole grain, country white, Anadama, etc.), fruit pies, eclairs, cream puffs, fruit and cheese buns, French cruellers, biscotti, gourmet cupcakes, personal pies, and those amazing croissants, to name a few items.

“We just installed a wood-fired oven, and we’re making pizza, strombelli, and subs, too,” Adrian told me over the phone. Don’t let the Clouser name fool you. “We come from long line of cooking Sicilians,” Adrian says. “My mom was in the wedding cake business before moving to Maine from Reading, Penn., last year. This place is her creation, and she’s done a great job.”

The bakery has a handful of tables and Wifi. Although it’s only open Thursdays, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., it’s already becoming a local gathering spot.

“We haven’t really advertised it, we want to let the place work its magic, ” Adrian says. Judging from Ben’s excitement on the phone, it already is.


  1. Thank you so much for this impressive blog, Hilary. I certainly hope to see you soon. Doesn’t it look delicious!

  2. After tasting (okay, devouring) a sampling of your goodies, I think it would be better for my waistline if I came no where near the place. That said, I know I won’t be able to resist stopping by next time I’m in the area.

  3. Amazing baguettes — that were still warm when I bought them. The pizza is good. My husband raved about his Italian hoagie. And the pasteries were about the size of my head (though I didn’t buy one, they looked delicious).

  4. this bakery is a great addition to Addison, the cakes, breads, donuts, you name it are delicious! Very friendly atmosphere.

  5. I can’t believe my good fortune in having bought a house just a few miles away from Bohemian Mama Bakery! I love the Monkey Bread and the Fresh Fruit and Cheese buns. When they say “fresh” fruit, they really mean fresh! I just ate one of the buns and not only were there sliced fresh strawberries on it, but the sweet dough was so tender and the cheese so delicate and smooth. My husband is a huge fan of the Pecan Bars and Pizza. Adrian built a wood fired pizza oven outside. One can watch him work through a large window and in the summer there are picnic tables outside as well as seating inside. Adrian and his mother, Linda, are true artists and masters in the kitchen. That, combined with the all the high quality ingredients they use makes for one great bakery!

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