Bruuuuuce! The Boss…


…of Burritos. Whenever I find myself in the Yarmouth area around lunch time, I pop into Bruce’s Burrito’s, a little order-at-the-counter joint in the Yarmouth Marketplace, on Route 1. I love this mom-and-pop spot, not only for the genuinely friendly and welcoming service, but also for the burritos.

My love runs deep: I love that I can order a child size, and that’s fine with them. I love that I can customize my burrito. I love that pretty much everything is made fresh daily. I love that if I keep my ears open, I’ll be treated to snippets of what’s happening in Yarmouth. I love that even when there’s a line, it moves fast. And I love the price. It’s fast food, healthy food (no, really, did you know that a cup of beans has more antioxidents than a cup of blueberries? Check the web site for more nutrition snippets), and it’s cheap.

What’s not to love? Now if only Springsteen was playing in the background.