C’mon up, the skiing’s fabulous


Would I lie to you?

Just off the slopes at Sugarloaf, a rather busy Sugarloaf for a Friday, I might add (by 10ish, already parking in lot E). Obviously, the word’s out. The skiing is excellent. It was a dite bit chilly up there this morning, but fun, fast, and  oh-so-sweet.

Sugarloaf’s groomers took that four or five inches of heavy wet snow received on Wednesday and they’ve worked it into the surface, grinding up the moguls on trails like Spillway and Skidder and even Double Bitter. (Don’t worry, those will build up again once the temps warm up.) Didn’t ski Spillway, but overheard one woman say the headwall was the best she’d skied it all season. Did ski both Skidder and Double Bitter, as well as Widowmaker/Flume and Nitro/Wedge. Love that roller coaster feel of Double Bitter when it’s groomed and you can swoop down it with big arcing turns.

Truth be told, I didn’t wander off the groomers. Those au natural trails had a bit of a shine to them, if ya catch my drift.

Topped it off with a Black Diamond burrito. Yum.