Got your passport yet?


Just a reminder that, effective June 1, U.S. and Canadian citizens need to have a passport, passport card, Trusted Traveler Card, or state or provincial enhanced driver’s license (where available) for any border crossings between the U. S. and Canada.

That means if you’re noodling around downeast and decide to cross the International Bridge from Lubec to Campobello Island, you’ll have to show an approved form of identification to return to the states. Ditto if your looping through The County and want to mosey over to Quebec or New Brunswick.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection promises a bit of flexibitility in enforcement. “CBP’s mission is to protect our borders,” said CBP Acting Commissioner Jayson P. Ahern. “WHTI implements a key 9/11 Commission recommendation by requiring secure travel documents while facilitating entry. We will be practical and flexible in implementing WHTI using the same informed compliance approach that proved successful during other major changes at our borders over the last two years.”

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