For years I’ve driven right by Colleen’s Jams and Jellies, and for years I’ve been telling myself I really should stop. Finally did, and now I’m mourning all the years I could have been slathering her fine products on morning popovers or biscuits or on crackers with tea.

Now 85, Colleen told me she’s getting a big old to be foraging for wild raspberries and wild strawberries, but she still does. And, she added, those wild strawberries are getting harder and harder to find, but she does.

Thank goodness on both accounts. Her wild strawberry jam and her wild raspberry jam are bursting with flavor. Another must-have: her wild rose jam, made not from rosehips, but from rose petals. Elegant, light and tastes just like a rose’s scent. I also picked up a maple spread with walnuts that I’ve yet to try. Hmmm, may I should make biscuits tomorrow morning.

Colleen’s is easy to find. It’s on the inland side of Route 1 in Searsport, north of downtown and just north of Angler’s Restaurant/Bait’s Motel.