Love-it-or-leave-it Conte’s rises again


I don’t think any other restaurant in Maine (okay, maybe J’s Oyster, in Portland) inspires such love/hate as Conte’s. Those in the love-it camp were crushed when it closed earlier this year (this after Anthony Bourdain paid it a visit and filmed it last fall). Take heart, folks.

Innkeeper Cheryl Michaelsen, of the Berry Manor Inn, in Rockland, reports:

Just so you know Conte’s is alive and well at its new location on Rt. 73 – South Main Street.  Same funky decor, same funky cook and same great food.  A lot brighter (windows are still clean).  Just for fun he hasn’t decided if he will put a sign out front or not.  It is located immediately after Primrose Framing at 156 S. Main Street.  Just thought you would like to know. When I went last week he was serving a dessert that was 1/2 carrot cake (bottom layer) with a cheese cake on top!!

Uhm, okay, Cheryl. I’m going to give you a holler one of these days and meet you there.

UPDATE: Here’s my foodie friend Mr. Meatball’s  Conte’s review (If you don’t get the flavor of the place from this, you’ll never understand it).


  1. I was just at Conte’s new location in Rockland and the food was fabulous. He’s located just up the street from his harbor location. Same old blackboard style, starts you off with the huge chunks of bread and the generous salad for two along with his wonderful salad dressing.

  2. Last night was first time at new location. Amazing how he recreated the old place. I’ll post some pics on my blog this week. In short, all was good, as always. Very happy we didn’t lose it.

  3. Hilary,

    It’s not a site for Conte’s, it’s just the link to my piece on the new place.

    Btw, it does have a phone. My friends who live up there have it, but guard it and use it judiciously.


  4. no way can you recreate the old place….dogs, seagulls, salads with all kinds of stuff in them. Conte’s was one of a kind, a wreck cafe; a floor strewn with debris, and a giant bowl of pasta. Ambiance is everything when it comes to Maine cuisine!

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