Saving Ocean Wood Campground


Sniffle, sniffle. Schoodic’s Ocean Wood Campground is now closed forever, unless…

Unless a group of dedicated campground devotees can prevent that from happening. Their goal is to preserve the land and public access to it. Keep up with the effort via the group’s Facebook page.

Good luck, and keep me posted, please.


  1. Camped here since the first summer it opened; visited last Friday & was shocked to see the lots for sale sign; and cutsy names for the lots.

    Drove through, stared at the weed filled sites, visited our fav. sites, walked the rock dune; listened tothewaves rolling the rocks around; … human sign anywhere!

    WOWOW…..OW, OW, OW.

    The owner and his daughters are still there???…. they were hardy folks, he roamed the park in his beat-up truck attending to every concern and need providing security and peace of mind…..what a magnificant place to tent…10 days at a stretch every summer, often opening the season with a muddy site and trek in….remember the roughconcrete walls and trudge up to the shower house; and the ledge where people left their communal bars of soap; or the mosquito bites on my butt….ah what a wonderful place to camp….about 15′ from open ocean; a zillion stars and CBC on the radio!

    Nothing lasts forever; he must be in his 70’s and it was a lot of work; esp.if his kids went off.

    ….good thing I was on a business trip; I would have snuck in a last overnight….temps in 30’s, snug in my tent wrapped in down. ah life in Maine as it should be!

  2. Can’t believe they drove him out. The best campground ever and I’ve stayed at many national park and forest service campgrounds that morons as hosts and attendents. The place had quality, privacy and respect for the clients. They did a great job.

  3. We camped at oceanwood for 17 years. Lost without it. Haven’t camped since it closed last year. Is there any chance that it will be open in the future?

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