Snooze alert: Powder dreams


The conditions are primo at Maine's ski resorts. Sugarloaf file photoAs you might discern, from my lack of recent postings, I’m in winter hibernation mode. I’m savoring a bit of downtime, bowing to winter’s short days and long nights, acquiescing  to the urge to  hunker down, and surrendering to laziness.

But I’m not becoming a total slug.

I’ve been spending at least an hour or two nearly every day skiing the powdery slopes at Sugarloaf or snowshoeing into the woods of Carrabassett Valley. It’s been years since we’ve had such a snowy winter, years since December and early January offered mid-winter conditions. I’d been moaning about not having any planned trips out west, but I’ve stopped. The conditions in Maine are primo: soft and rivaling those in the Rockies.

Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Saddleback, Shawnee Peak, and all of Maine’s smaller areas are having a banner season so far. And get this, even Squaw Mountain in Greenville is reopening for the first time in three years, thanks to a massive effort by the nonprofit Friends of  Squaw Mountain to resurrect that slumbering giant. Read about it here.

I’m  hoping to snowshoe into Maine Huts & Trails new Stratton Brook Hut sometime soon, and will dish about that when I do. And I will be catching up on posts and sharing events worth noting, too, in between my long winter’s nap.