Port in a Storm bookstore, that wonderful, wonderful shop facing an inlet on Somes Sound, in oh-so-precious Somesville, on Mt. Desert Island, is closing in January.

This I mourn. It’s been one of my must-stops whenever on island. It’s everything an independent bookstore should be: stocked with plentiful and intriguing reads, staffed by knowledgeable booklovers, complete with cozy chairs to curl up and peruse possible purchases, and host to readings by nationally known authors.

Every time an independent bookstore closes, it’s another victory for the one-size-fits-all  mass merchandisers and discounters. With each closing, the small presses, the square-peg-in-round-hole voices, and the quirky, locally published books lose another market, and for that we all suffer. Sigh.

Do me a favor, support your local independent this holiday season. Go out and buy a book. Ask the owner or a long-term staffer to recommend something different, something quirky, something you’d be unlikely either to find or learn about in the big boxes.

If Port in a Storm can’t make it, I imagine dozens of other little indies will soon follow in its demise.