Wood versus metal: Maine’s lobster trap Christmas trees


Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of Jonesport Beals’ big kahoona lobster trap tree, but I do have photos of this year’s traditional wooden lobster pot tree in Cape Porpoise and this year’s conventional metal trap tree in Rockland (two views). So, which is prettier, wood or metal?

Cape Porpoise, Maine, uses traditional wooden lobster pots for its village center lobster pot tree. Tom Nangle photo
Rockland uses metal lobster traps for its lobster trap Christmas tree in Harbor Park. Hilary Nangle photo.
A close-up of Rockland's 2010 Lobster trap tree, on the waterfront, in downtown Rockland, Maine. Hilary Nangle photo.

And for something a bit different, check out Maine photographer Michele Stapleton’s shot of the lobster crate tree in Trenton.


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