A giant mistake


I think my dad summed up the Giant’s Causeway quite accurately: “I’ve wanted to see this for years, and this is it?”

IMG_0441Over touristed, over-priced (parking 6 pounds, about $10, another 2 pounds to take a bus round trip to the site — or walk about 1 k each way, downhill there, uphill back)…all for some rocks.

I know, I know, this is a World Heritage Site, but frankly, we’re loving it to death. Sure, the formation is pretty cool, quite intriguing actually, but the crowds combined with the kitschy souvenirs and the wallet hit really dragged down the experience.

If I returned, I’d go either very early in the morning, or more ideally, late in the afternoon/early evening, before or after the tour buses and the crowds. Others I’ve spoken with since who went then truly enjoyed the experience. Perhaps if I returned then, when the light is soft and one can actually hear the waves coverse with the rocks, I’d be smitten.