Beat bugs with Maine-Made products that repel ticks, mosquitoes

Photo courtesy Dog Be Gone.
Tick- mosquito- and other insects-repelling vests and baseball caps come in kid and adult sizes. Photo courtesy Dog Be Gone.

Beat bugs with Dog Not Gone Maine-made No Fly Zone accessories and clothing for people, dogs, and horses. Designer Julie Swain uses permethin-treated fabrics that repel ticks and biting insects including mosquitoes, chiggers, ants, flies, and midges. I’ve tested the vest, and can highly recommend it.

Not only are biting insects annoying (itching, scratching!), but increasingly they also carry diseases such as Lyme and Zika. Better safe than sorry—even preventive treatment for tick bites can exceed $200.

I’d all but sworn off walking in the woods, until Julie introduced me to her product line. My hunter-orange vest not only repelled the nasties, it also kept me highly visible both in the woods and when walking along roadways.

Ways to beat bugs:

Dog Be Gone makes insect-repelling clothing and gear for people, dogs, and horses in Skowhegan, Maine. Photo courtesy Dog Be Gone.
Keep kids safe with tick- and mosquito-repelling clothing made in Maine. Photo courtesy Dog Be Gone.

The No Fly Zone human line includes:

• reversible headband (blaze orange/olive green or hot pink/olive green),

• 100% merino wool hiking socks (want!),

• gaiters (olive green)

• garden apron (olive green)

• baseball cap, adult & kid sizes, (white, blaze orange, lime green, hot pink)

• vest, adult & kid sizes, (blaze orange, olive green, hot pink)

• kids cargo pants

Keep dogs & horses safe, too

Dog Be Gone No Fly Zone canine safety vest. Photo courtesy Dog Be GoneAfter you outfit yourself and your family, think about your dog and/or horse. Check out the No Fly Zone safety vests and kerchiefs for dogs; No Fly Zone safety  horse vests; untreated safety vests and pack vests for dogs; and a safety leash, reflective safety collar, and high-visibility reflective collar kerchief.

Swain, and her husband, Bill, founded Dog Not Gone in 2005. Her first product was a vest for a hunting dog, which she made at home. A buyer from L.L. Bean saw it, and the company took off. Now, their visibility and insect-repelling lines are made in  Skowhegan, Maine, using cloth that’s made in America

Their factory outlet store at 40 Dane Lane is open 9am-3pm, Monday-Thursday.

NOTE: I’m recommending this product because I tested it. I have not received any monetary or sponsorship compensation.

Post updated May 6, 2018