Breakfast at the Lonely Moose


Well it’s not the Porter House*, but Chef Brian’s new venture, the Lonely Moose (at the old Mainley Yours), in Stratton, has breakfast nailed. It’s a homey place–pine paneling, moosey decor including some nice old photos and a huge mural in the back room, mix of booths and tables.

We went for breakfast (lunch and dinner also served), and no complaints here. Big portions, small prices, friendly service. Loved the French toast drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with powdered sugar. T had midweek eggs special—two eggs any style, with toast and homefries for $3.50—the homefries alone are worth the trip, addictive.

Okay, one complaint, tea. The choices were a selection of herbal and flavored green or Salada (which, like Lipton and Tetley, tastes like murky water, ick, and fro $1.50, no thank you; I’ll bring a decent black tea with me next time). But yes, there will be a next time.

Both the lunch and dinner menus are enticing, and the seafood mac and cheese on the specials board sounded delish, although pricey at $15.99; so did the turkey dinner with all the fixin’s for $8.99. That price is more inline with other menu items.

Currently, no liquor license (and no, you can’t BYOB), but that should come soon, I was told.

*The Porter House, in Eustis, closed after a major fire in December 2008.