Enough! (maybe…)


Yes, yes, I’m still skiing at Sugarloaf. And yes, the weather over the past week–temps in the 60s and sun–has surely taken a toll, but there’s still top to bottom skiing. And there’s plenty of snow–if you know where to look–although connecting it all sometimes takes a few creative moves.

I told myself today would be my last day. I took yesterday off, and given how hot it became, I expected it to be mushy today with gaping holes and rocks. Wrong. It got cold enough last night to set it up a bit, just enough for perfect spring mama-bear skiing–not too firm, not too soft. Moguls weren’t squishy. Sure there are bare patches and waterfalls running, but still plenty of snow, especially on the snowmaking trails: Nitro, Wedge, Hayburner, Upper Tote, Narrow Gauge. And there’s only a handful of people skiing, so it’s not getting too cut up.

As much as I’d like to ski tomorrow, it’s time to call it a season (although work requires I take a few runs at Blackcomb in May–I’ll report on that when I go).

Okay, bring on the tulips and daffodils. I’m ready. I think. Then again, maybe one more day…