Free chocolate? Say yes to Dean’s Sweets


Here’s a sweet offer: A free hand-dipped, dark chocolate truffle from Dean’sSweets.

Dean’s is attempting to brighten up the tax season. Here’s the deal: Visit Dean’sSweets Middle Street store between now and April 15, mention the Tax Day truffle offer, and one is yours. Free. No purchase necessary (but of course, one is appreciated). No strings attached.

Offer is good for one of any of 18 Dean’sSweets flavors, which include traditional rum, spicy cayenne, Maine maple, blueberry, single-malt Scotch, Tequila lime (oh yeah!), and hot coffee. All Dean’sSweets truffles are made in small batches in Portland. They have neither  preservatives nor nut products.

Go, and do provide a little economic stimulus while there by purchasing at least one other truffle (yeah, like you could avoid doing so, right?).