Harboring secrets


I toured the new addition to the Portland Harbor Hotel yesterday with the general manager, and no question, this is a great addition for those with the bucks to splurge.

On the street level are two retail shops: one will be occupied by an Italian pasta maker, who is moving here from the old country to open a fresh pasta shop; the other will be a showroom for a furnishings company.

Above these on two floors are six suites with gas fireplaces (really cool ones, with the flames shooting through stones–sames as the one in Eve’s), large whirlpool tubs in the bathroom, with sliding panels opening through to the bedroom. One is a two-room suite, where the flat-panel TV swings out so it can be watched from the tub. Fanciest suite is the honeymoon suite, with crane-your-neck glimpses of the harbor.

Downstairs is a well-equipped fitness room as well as two spa rooms, with services to be provided by 9 Stones. Future plans call for a Jacuzzi to be installed in the patio area out the back door.

Finally, there’s a new meeting room on the first floor with easy access to the courtyard through a small lobby area. Really a nice set up for biz.

The new building is expected to open in about two weeks.


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