Is your pooch stressed?


IMG_8804Take him for a spa escape at the Cliff House, in Ogunquit.

Doggie massage is the newest service at the oceanfront resort topping Bald Head Cliff. Just like with humans, it helps minimize pain from arthritis and hip problems, increases circulation, improves cardiovascular health, relieves pain, provides relaxation, and reduces anxiety, stress, fear and other emotional issues.

“Many middle-aged and older pets suffer from arthritis and joint disease. Massage improves not only their health, but their quality of life,” says Maine veterinarian Dr. Gary Stuer, who integrates Western veterinary medicine with complimentary and holistic therapies.

Instead of dogs visiting the full-service spa (oh, and do treat  yourself while there), a therapist will come to your room to give your dog a private, 25-minute massage. Two choices are available, a customized massage that targets muscles needing attention and an aromotherapy massage, which uses essential oils to leave your dog not only feeling better, but also smelling sweeter, too.

The Cliff House has eight pet-friendly rooms in the Ledges building. Each comes with a water dish, canine bed, PYOP bag, ground floor access to an enclosed exercise area, and all-natural dog treats.  Dogs are welcome (on a leash) to walk the resort’s 65 acres of lawns, woods and rocky seashore.